Thursday, 22 March 2012

A tiny Pebble vest

A tiny Pebble vest knitted for a tiny premature baby. It's for the friends of a friends baby, and though I don't know them I so wanted to do something, just to let them know that I am thinking of them and can maybe understand a little of what they are going through. I would have been rather touched if someone we didn't know had done the same when Patch was born, so hoping they'll think ooooh...lovely, rather than ooooh...strange! The pattern is the Pebble vest by the Thrifty Knitter.

The Charlie & Lola-ish biscuits must have been yum because they have all been happily munched. Please remind me that there is a reason that that particular pink food colouring is usually kept for play dough making only. It is oh so bright. Neon. The photographs have managed to tame it...

And a curtain update - both are up. We have matching curtains! Oh my. Now I just need to take them down again to hem them. Still hopeful that they will be done by tomorrow... I'll let you know!

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