Friday, 17 March 2017

A chillly March morn, so I'll quickly show you another woolly cowl

It really has been a beautiful week here in Suffolk, though today was certainly cowl wearing weather again on the walk to school. Whilst this cowl may be cosy the colour is certainly springlike. Not that this has stopped me wearing it constantly this winter... I love it
 A dream to knit... my favourite moss stitch which took no time at all with this wool and chunky needles. The pattern is the (free!) Marian cowl by Jane Richmond knitted in Stitch and Story's chunky yarn.
This wool is deliciously squishy and oh so soft. I used up all of two balls of lime yellow knitted on 12 mm needles. The pattern suggests a chunkier wool and 15 mm needles, so mine is just a chunky cowl as opposed to the super bulky cowl of the original
I would love to make myself many more using some other gorgeous Stitch and Story colours. The only negative thing about knitting this was Mr R asking if I could make less noise. Apparently those chunky wooden needles are just too click clacky. Small price to pay I say for such deliciousness.

Monday, 6 March 2017

Cosy cowl

It may be March, yet there is still a definite need for cosiness and these cowls are just the thing. I first saw the pattern for the Carloway cowl in issue 83 of Inside Crochet and it was one of those must-make-this-right-away makes. The colours of the original, the fluffiness of the alpaca, but most of all the shape - this is a tight fitting, sturdy cowl which stands up and covers ears with no danger of flopping down.

A quick pop to the local yarn shop later, and I had some Ella Rae cozy alpaca
The colours are natural, teal and grey. This is an oh so soft baby alpaca blend with actually a large proportion of acrylic but without a hint of squeakiness. So I set to and made myself a cowl
 Which I loved so much for its cosiness and ability to stay up around my ears that I decided to make one for my sister's birthday too
 Mr R recognised just how snug I was looking in mine on a particularly chilly walk to school sometime before Christmas and said that he would very much like one. But not in those colours. So, armed with more suitable charcoal Debbie Bliss cashmerino aran
 I made my third, manly version for Mr R's Christmas present.  I still do love those original colours, so maybe there will be a fourth one sometime...

Friday, 3 March 2017

A collection of coffee pot cosies

Because all coffee pots deserve to be cosy. Here are ours in their wintertime cosies
 A pattern used before here and here. Oh, they look remarkably similar. The pattern is Cafetière Coffee Cosy from Jenny Lord's Purls of Wisdom. This is an easy pattern to adapt according to dimensions of coffee pot in need of cosying by changing the number of repeats. After the first cosy knitted I chose not to include the button loops, instead just poking the buttons through a gap in the stitches.

The next is one made for the other Mrs Robinson as a Christmas gift - the other Mr Robinson isn't such a fan of coffee, so a mini coffee pot parcelled up with some delicious coffee seemed just the thing. Again, the wool is from the basket (so satisfying) and is Jamieson's Shetland Spindrift held double with sock yarn left over from making Em's socks
And then I made some more because the teeny leftover balls of Spindrift had been in the basket for too long and because coffee pots also need more springlike cosies. I patiently explained to Mr R that it is perfectly reasonable to have seasonal cosies for our coffee pots. And a great reason to put pink buttons with that blue wool

Friday, 10 February 2017

Wintertime candles

 Photographs found. Oh my, making these candles was so much fun. I first came across a how-to on the beautiful apartment apothecary - I had no idea candle making could be so simple. I gathered supplies (soya wax flakes, pre-waxed wicks from LiveMoor, essential oils from mystic moments) and a collection of old tea cups from local charity shops and then oh so simply made candles.
I selected what I hoped would be wintery scents - sweet orange, cinnamon and clove - and they smelt delightful as I mixed and poured. But I wasn't generous enough with the oils and they have just the faintest whiff of scent as they are burning, something to remember for next time
Happily for me I enthusiastically gathered tea cups and old jars which meant I made more than needed, so we are still burning them now on these grey days. Looking forward to experimenting with some floral scents next.

It is a day for cosying at home with scented candles and some knitting. I am joining in with the Snowmelt shawl MKAL - there are some beautiful shawls being knitted. And some dreamy yarns that are tempting me. My snowmelt is being knitted in seasonally appropriate colours and matches the skies of Suffolk perfectly... a light and mid grey just like these foggy morns with a cold, bright blue for the glimpses of sky when it does peek out from behind the blanket of cloud. So I shall make a pot of coffee and back to my knitting. Bliss

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Hand warmers to keep little and not-so-little hands warm this wintertime

 For Christmas presents each year I seem to find one thing to make which I then gift to everyone - there have been scarves, tea cosies, egg cosies, hot water bottle covers, hats - and I enjoy choosing just the right fabric or wool for each one. This year was the year of the hand warmer (and candles, but more of that another time when I have found the photographs). Some of these have also been made as birthday presents and were bundled up with a mug and hot choc, or a flask...
These are all filled with cherry stones, which I found at brow farm. Simple to heat in the microwave (though be warned, one overly enthusiastic nephew has managed to set fire to his hand warmers. The microwave still smells, sorry Weens. Know the power of your microwave, and keep to the heating times given!) though they also work by popping them on a warm radiator. Ours are keeping hands toasty on these wintery walks to school...

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Either rather late or rather early...

For a Christmas jumper that is. I had hoped to take these photographs at least in January - well I suppose they were taken in January as that was only yesterday. January has worn me out this year. Horrible take-to-my-bed type cold after Christmas lingered in a bone aching manner until a few weeks into the new year and last week another cold has taken hold. Yuck.

Does anyone still want to even see a Christmas jumper? Maybe someone far more organised than me may be inspired for the festive season this year. And hopefully, unlike me, not forget about it again
 Fairly gentle for a Christmas jumper. I found the pattern in Simply Crochet issue 51, Esme Cricks's we heart it. Although I made a wreath instead of the heart shape, used slightly heavier wool from the basket, and sequins rather than pearl beads as that is what I had. Just add a creased jumper
The position of the mistletoe leaves isn't quite as I imagined but now they are sewn on I think they will be staying put. I'm off to see what other makes I have to catch up with - hopefully they will be appropriately wintery rather than so obviously festive...

Wednesday, 28 December 2016

All is calm all is bright

Oh this is so late... I had planned words to go with these festive photographs but a horrible cold has been here all Christmas (well, with me). Still feeling rotten, in fact this is the first activity I've managed in days. Not even knitting or crochet. Hoping to make it to the sofa tomorrow with some wool. And then hopefully over the next few days I'll catch up with some Christmas makes.

Hope you are having a merry Christmas time