Friday, 10 May 2013

Another ribbon blanket

I do need to think of another word rather than blanket... it's not really a blanket is it?

I think this must be the end of the wool used for Albert's blankets (which Ethel now sleeps on. Good girl). Much fun rummaging through the bulging ribbon box... I do like the tape measure ribbon Clothkits use to tie up their oh so exciting parcels.

Some Cath Kidston on the reverse

Do so hope you enjoy slobbering on it Baby Jack!

See notes about pattern here

Oh, here is Miss Ethel snoozing on her inherited blanket

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  1. I always love the idea of a nice crochet or maybe quilted blanket in a nice wicker basket for my cat, sadly it would be permanently covered in half eaten rabbit (and I'm not kidding, every day a new one at the moment!), poor thing gets a washable old bath mat instead - not nearly so pretty! Love the tag 'blanket'. Bethx

    1. Hmmm... thankfully Miss Ethel is displaying much more ladylike tendencies at the moment, otherwise we too would resort to an old bath mat. I'm sure it's a stylish bath mat though!

      A friend has suggested ribbon snuggles...