Thursday, 15 October 2015

For when it is the weather for a fabric, rather than cosy wool, scarf...

Though a cosy wool cowl was worn on a walk to school this week... these mornings are chilly now! Anyway, for those days which are slightly warmer I fancied making some more fabric, wrap around neck many times type scarves. So far I have made just the one 
 The pattern is the Purl Bee's Long Pom Pom Cowl, though it is simply a quarter of a meter of full width, lightweight fabric, joined together at the selvedge edges. There is a little bit of fancy seaming going on though to enclose the trim, so it is well worth looking at the Purl Bee's how-to.

Fabric was a bolt end from the lovely Backstitch, and is a lovely soft fabric by Atelier Brunette called Abstract. Oh, and is still available here. Pom pom trim from Frumble
I love the bits of gold-mustard. And those mini pom-poms. Next time I may make a wider version, or maybe a triangular shaped shawl thing. With pom poms of course...

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