Saturday, 7 June 2014

Birthday pyjamas

Patch loves pyjamas. He would and does wear them all day at any chance. Maybe not all day... I love days like those! So we decided that the little group of his friends that he has known for ever (Mummys all did pregnancy yoga together. Bliss) would like some pyjamas too. So for the three boys in the group I made some pyjama bottoms with a slight make for the tops
I used the much loved Oliver + S sandbox pants, made even quicker as no pockets because even though I do love a pocket I'm not sure little boys need them on their pyjamas. Patch would only fill them with uncomfortable metal cars that would then keep him turning all night. So no pockets this time. The fabric is an oh so soft flannel from the sometimes-gets-it-right local fabric shop.

After adding a little colour to the tops they were wrapped up with a carefully selected pack of Top Trumps. Because really when you are seven what is better than a game of Top Trumps in your pyjamas

Hope you had happy birthdays Barney, Joshua and Harry


  1. What lovely, lovely gifts! It's such a struggle to make nice things for boys, but these would go down a treat with my two. Bethx

    1. It is getting more difficult to make things for the now not so little boys... hopefully I've got one more year! Luckily P still likes his Mummy makes...