Friday, 30 January 2015

The many hats of Christmas...

Looking back, this is how I remember spending most of December. And November. Making hats in a cosy spot. Lovely. And still the year of the hats continues as it appears to be what I am giving as winter birthday treats too. Please do ignore and skip that last sentence if any friends with wintery birthdays are reading...

And so, the first. Knitted for one of P's friends for his November birthday
The best knitted hat pattern - Purl Bee's classic cuffed hat. Made with Rowan pure wool worsted in granite. I chose this as it is a super wash wool and it is lovely to knit with, and gives a rather neat and crisp finished make... but it has a, well, hard-wearing feel to it. Not deliciously soft.  Though I should imagine perfect for keeping a head snug. Obviously with added pom-pom. I love this colour! Another  hard-wearing-feel wool - Jarol heritage classic dk in gold. Whilst I love these pom-pom makers they do require an amazing amount of wool to make such a substantial pom-pom, so I found this very well priced wool at a local wool shop, Jenny Wrens. 

And why was this my first time using the long tail tubular cast-on for the ribbed cuff? A beautiful edge. Do hope I remember this for all future ribbing, though knowing me it will only be once the ribbed section is complete that I remember the marvel that is the long tail tubular cast-on and just don't have the strength to unravel and start again. 

And then a cowl. Which is perhaps a strange choice as as I've mentioned, these aren't the softest of wools. But there was wool left ( you really do get a lot in a ball of Rowan pure wool worsted) and I thought it would make a nice present. Just hope that Barney doesn't have a particularly sensitive neck.  This is a millamia Uno cowl from the book Bright Young Things. It is recommended for toddlers, yet made in worsted weight will happily fit a soon to be eight year old.
Hope you had a happy birthday, Barney! 

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