Monday, 2 February 2015

More winter time hats

As soon as I saw the pattern for this hat I loved it. Perhaps not my most original knit, as I loved the picture I first saw and simply combined the colours used. This is Purl Bee's cosy ear flap hat, knitted in Drops merino extra fine mix. I do like this wool so as it is soft, washable and a nice price! But not the best choice for this pattern - the pattern is for a chunky weight wool knitted on 8mm needles. As this Drops is knitted on 4mm I decided it would work if held double. The final measurements were fine but the wool doesn't seem quite thick enough to me - the finished knit is fairly loose. Looks sweet though, and oh that pom-pom. Oh and colours used are light grey mix and mustard. This is a good yellow and must be used in many more knits.

And to go with the sweet hat, another Uno cowl from MillaMia's Bright Young Things. This time knitted according to the pattern 
Oh so happy with these makes! Hopefully keeping a little two year old nice and snug... happy birthday, Jack!


  1. lovely knitting and I love the colours too xxx

    1. Thank you! Purl Bee did most of the work, putting these colours together but I loved them so