Monday, 9 April 2012

clothkits doorstop

Oh my, this kit has been sitting in its packaging since Christmas - thank you Lou! And has been propping open a door for over a week now, but that's the Easter holidays for you. Not sure I can really use the holidays as an excuse as we've been having such gentle days at home with some seeing family and a fun day with Newbury friends...

Sweet! And so lovely to make up. I do like clothkit patterns, though this is only the second I've made. The first was a sweet dress for Chess. I want to do more! Especially after seeing my friend Heather's lovely skirt. I still have the dress in the attic Mum made me when I was a toddler. A rather 70s brown print corduroy pinafore but still oh so gorgeous. The last time I looked on their website I sadly couldn't find anything I wanted to make for Patch... there are some fun (giraffe? lion?) animal trousers but sadly I think Patch is a bit old for them now. Not that that usually stops me.

Off to look at the clothkits website!

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