Friday, 19 April 2013

A pebble vest for Baby Jack

Oh I do so like this pattern as, unlike the still sweet sleeveless top mentioned here, it is knitted in a single piece.

The pattern is for a single newborn size and suggests using a DK. My first knit using this pattern needed to be particularly teeny (see this post) which happily worked by using smaller needles and Debbie Bliss baby cashmerino. I was slightly worried that the pattern could be a little snug for Baby Jack, as by the time I busied myself knitting it, Jack was no longer a newborn. So I used Debbie Bliss cashmerino Aran and knitted the vest on 5mm needles. I needn't have worried - I met Jack for a cuddle for the first time last week and he was looking rather yum in his pebble vest at just over four months.

Teeny white buttons from Great Gran's tin, sewn on with a cheery red

So, the first of some makes for Baby Jack.

I'm trying to reduce my mountain of ironing this afternoon... I try to be the veritable housewife and this is what happens

Oh Miss Ethel! Maybe I'll just have a cup of tea...

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Tuesday, 16 April 2013

A knightly make for Sir Digby

So far I have used this pattern for Sir Patch, Sir Reuben, Sir Casper, Sir Joshua and now Sir Digby. If you have a knight that needs a new tabard then this is oh so good. The pattern is from Emma Hardy's Cute and Easy Costumes for Kids. Actually, if you have a child that needs any costume then this is a brilliant book.

The tabard is mainly sewn by hand using satisfyingly speedy embroidery floss. I most certainly think it is worth using thick quality felt for this make... I made Sir Patch his costume over two years ago and it is still looking knightly. The pattern also includes pieces for a helmet and boots and recommends a grey jersey. I found a dark grey knit fabric in John Lewis a few years ago, with added sparkle... it was during the festive season! While ideal for the chain mail look it is horrible to sew with. Far too slinky. I must have envisioned dressing many knights as I still have plenty of this fabric sliding around in my fabric pile. And the poor knights I have been responsible for dressing have been left barefoot as I decided that wellies would happily complete the outfit.

Do hope you had a happy birthday, Sir Digby!

Feeling rather glum... missing Patch as term started today and far too quiet at home, and still feeling rotten with a cold and aches that have been around for weeks. Rotten. Just might go and catch up with The Village before the walk to school. Hope all had a fun first day back at school!

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Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Ems' birthday socks

I promise I was assured that dear Ems did indeed dream of owning a pair of handknit socks...for some reason to give a pair of socks as a present to an uninitiated in the joys of handknit socks seems rather risky. Well, to give the first pair of socks ever knitted by me seemed risky, there are some dreamy handknit ones knitted by others. And this is why I felt rather nervous

a present that looked oh so similar to two old dishcloths.

And as wrong as it seemed to try on these socks before giving them as a present I felt it was an important thing to do, and so I slipped in my - clean - toes. And oh my. Now I see why people knit socks. Here they are looking far more sock like

I used Jenny Lord's Basic Boy Socks pattern, from Purls of Wisdom, and followed the suggestions to adapt to make into a daintier sock. I quite enjoy knitting on many needles (well, four) and liked following the sections of the pattern. The wool is Wendy roam in Derwent, a 4 ply great for socks it says. I'm not sure you could actually do anything like walking in these socks but they are rather nice for lounging in. And so I do see why people knit socks because I too want a snug pair for lounging, maybe the girly cloud-nine socks from Purls of Wisdom. Though this pair took me an age to finish... it somehow felt that I had knitted my first pair of socks when I had finished the first. And sometime during the second I did rather loose the will. Sadly I am no Anna Makarovna (War and Peace) able to knit two socks at once...

Happy birthday dear Ems!

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Friday, 5 April 2013

A happy Easter...

Well, happy-ish! It all started rather well, as my sis and family came to visit and we don't see them nearly enough. Patch was so excited to have some fun with his cousins. And we did have a few days before nasty illness struck... sunny days playing in the forest, scooting in Aldeburgh, but it was oh so cold. Patch managed a fun Easter egg treasure hunt with Reuben and Casper... and then didn't move from the sofa for a few days. Poor thing. And gradually we all succumbed, so not the cheeriest of Easter times here!

Tricky to take a cheery bright photograph of the Easter makes this year as the weather has been so glum, so these are the best photographs of the thank you presents Patch took to school

Tucked in the jar was a sweet springtime bath bomb and a knitted flannel

I used the waffle knit dishcloth pattern found on Ravelry, and have only just realised it glamourously calls itself a dishcloth rather than a flannel or washcloth. Well, I think it also makes a sweet flannel! I used the smallest needle size recommended for the wool, Rowan handknit cotton, as I wanted a tight knit. The wool was found in my please-do-use-me-basket in a shade appropriately called ice water (it was snowing here again yesterday!)

Looking forward to us all feeling brighter next week. And maybe the weather too? Hope you had a merry Easter time!

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