Monday, 25 February 2013

A bear carrier for Flo

Just what every three year old needs, a carrier to keep ted safe and snug

This is the bear carrier pattern from oliver + s' little things to sew. All fabrics selected from the overflowing drawers... Mismatched buttons from Great Gran's tin, and I used two pairs on each strap to make the carrier adjustable for a variety of Flo's teds and dolls. The straps do up with velcro, though a little tricky to correctly place as I only had a six year old to model, so just hope the straps fit three year old Flo. A fun make!

Parcelled together with Babbit, a sweet favourite of Patch's

Do hope you had a happy birthday, Flo!

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Thursday, 14 February 2013

Peter Pan pyjamas for Eddie

I made (in the simplest of terms) a top to go with these pyjama bottoms and packaged them up with an Octonauts bath toy and some yum play dough for the bath...

Hopefully a sweet smelling, snug Eddie! Do hope you had a jolly birthday.

Mr R and I had a treaty morn at the Pump Street Bakery... happy Valentine's Day Mr R

Crochet heart granny found here

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Tuesday, 12 February 2013

A calorimetry knit

Oh my, another thing to add to my I-really-do-need-to-knit-one-of-these-for-me-too list... Rather difficult to photograph as distinct lack of available heads here today. Obviously there is my own head but somehow being photographer and model just didn't work for me. Many photographs of a wall, but no knit. So a chair will just have to do

The calorimetry is a knitted headscarf, perhaps best to look here to get a better idea. It really is a quick and simple knit, and happily kept me company while watching Mr Selfridge. This is a present for Maisie, whose favourite colour is purple, so I finally tried a ball of Debbie Bliss' Blue Faced Leicester Aran in Heather. Lovely name. And whilst not a super soft wool it has knitted into a cosy headscarf so now I shall purchase some more of the other yum colours.

Happy birthday Maisie!

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Thursday, 7 February 2013

Hello Cowboy...

... it started with a sweet gingham shirt Mr R found for Patch. I liked it so much I decided to plan Logan's birthday present around the shirt. And gingham means cowboys, so...

Hat, waistcoat and sheriff badge were made using the patterns in Emma Hardy's cute and easy costumes for kids. The hat is made from felt and is so floppy and really isn't the best cowboy hat around but somehow the outfit didn't seem complete without one. I added some chunky stitch detail around the brim edge. The badge is just as in the book. For the waistcoat I used the pattern and made it in cord with a red gingham lining but finished it with red bias binding as I felt this made a much more stylish cowboy. The fringing is brown felt.

The idea for chaps came from a dreamy cowboy costume Patch had from the White Company for I think his second birthday. He still squeezes himself into the waistcoat... I cut the chaps from a big piece of brown felt with Velcro added to the waist, a few Velcro straps around the legs and then fringed the leg edges.


And another number 6 tee made for Harry, Logan's brother, parcelled up with Lego and a Bob and Barry's Lunar Adventure book

Happy birthdays Harry and Logan!

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