Monday, 26 November 2012

A little ribbon blanket for Polly

The last of my makes for Baby Polly

I used some red bamboo wool from the pile, ribbons from the tangle stuffed into a shoe box and a sweet Cath Kidston print on the back

So together with this bonnet and these shoes Polly's parcel was complete.

A few more baby makes to do... though maybe I should think about Christmas makes first!

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Thursday, 22 November 2012

Baby Polly's knitted blanket

Another dreamy knit from Hadley Fierlinger's Vintage Knits

This sweet pattern is the Heirloom Blanket and is such an easy, gentle knit. We had a few beautifully sunny and warm Sundays about a month ago, and this was taken along to the bouncy pillow where I happily sat and knitted in the sun while Patch merrily bounced. For hours.

I used smc select extra soft merino cotton, a brand I've not used or heard of before, but found in a local wool shop and I liked the colour. Oh, and I thought Polly's Mummy would like the colour too! And yes Jo, it is machine washable but at 40... no putting it in with a 60 wash!

It has knitted into a nicely soft and squishy blanket. And no need for a Sssh! as Polly has now received her parcel of makes, and I'm hoping is snuggled under this blanket right now.

I've had a fun morning at Patch's school, accompanying a small group as they used cameras to take photographs of everything they saw as beautiful or interesting. Squeals of delight. And another group were busy lighting fires with Forest School, whilst others were baking. What lucky children! And now I'm off across this field to collect P from school...

Photograph courtesy of the lovely Linda

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Monday, 19 November 2012

A patchwork ball for Polly

Oh I do so like the colours of these hexies all sewn together

Nicely squidgy for Baby Polly, with a tinkly bell inside. And Patch decided he no longer likes any choc, so I was left to eat a Kinder Egg... the plastic container is just what is needed for the bell to jangle around in.

I do like these quick makes! Dear Linda asked oh so nicely for a phone sock protector thingy so I set to with some wool from the pile and really not so much later had this

I used a slip rib stitch... I think the wool is Debbie Bliss Donegal Tweed used as a trim for Christmas scarves knitted last year for Dad and Frits.

And lastly, it must be safe to show some birthday ts

Happy Birthday Barney and Reggie!

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Monday, 12 November 2012

A lace-knit-neck-warmer-thingy

And as mentioned a few blog posts ago, it still refuses to block nicely. Blocking should really open up the lace pattern, and it is 100% wool so why ever not?

The pattern was torn from a knit magazine, but I'm afraid I don't remember which. The wool is Rowan creative focus worsted shade 0791 blue moor heather. Purchased last year for a Christmas scarf for Linda - which didn't require blocking so I had no inkling of its stubborn nature! I wasn't sure how much of the still large looking ball of wool was left but in an attempt to use wool from the pile found this pattern which only required the one ball. Of course I ran out of wool. And of course by then I had spent too long on the pattern to simply unravel. Luckily, almost a year later, John Lewis still had this shade in stock. And now I am left with yet another almost complete ball in the pile. But I do have a neck scarf.

I think the pattern would really benefit from some successful blocking... ideas?

It was gently repetitive to knit, just right for sitting snug in the car at Orford Quay with a Pump Street treat. So rather nice really.

I'm having a sweet snuggly Monday with Patch who is home with an upset tum. I don't feel guilty enjoying a gentle day with P as he is as happy as a lark, so we shall just enjoy our unexpected day of duvet and a Herbie film...
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Wednesday, 7 November 2012

A spooky Halloween

Feeling rather sorry for myself with a horrible cold... So happy Halloween. In November. Oops.

I think this sweet spooky fabric is just so dreamy but was a little unsure what to make. Maybe not trousers for a five year old Patch, though can you imagine how lovely on a baby or toddler? It would make a lovely skirt with a black gingham trim, but again, not for Patch. Sew a square on a t? Pockets for trousers? Or maybe a pillowcase

Patch loved that he got to sleep on a special Halloween pillowcase, and it does show the fabric beautifully. I was going to add a coloured trim of some sort but decided for comfort to leave it plain

Halloween fabric from Belle &Boo and backed with a black and white gingham from the local fabric shop.

One more Halloween make to show... Patch's Bat Cat costume!

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