Tuesday, 19 September 2017

A seasonal trendy shawlette

Gosh, such a long time... and now it is Autumn. Summer was full of summer-type things, a mix of busy and gentle days and all rather lovely. Since school started poor P has been home more days than at school due to a horrible cold... which I now have. At least this sitting still is making me want to catch up with this poorly neglected blog.
It's unlike me to show a seasonally appropriate make, but this trendy shawlette has been used these past few mornings when we finally started walking to school again, and on the one early morn swim training P has managed so far this term. (Please don't think that I am assuming trendiness by wearing this, it is simply the name of the pattern, which I love whether it is thought trendy or otherwise). The Trendy Shawlette is from a lovely book of patterns, Knit Stylish Scarves & Hats, by Mademoiselle Sophie and happily I managed to make this using wool from the basket, leftover from making a baby blanket. The wool - actually a merino cotton from smc select - is what makes this so seasonally appropriate. The pattern suggests that this can be knitted in any kind of yarn in any size, though I held this dk wool double and knitted it on the suggested 8mm needles, and I think used approximately four balls. There are some dreamy versions on Ravelry... brightly coloured, oversized, alpaca and mohair. Gorgeous. And I think garter stitch may just be one of my favourite stitches, I love the neat ridges. 

Mr R has made me giggle - not easy with a blocked nose -  with a Only Fools and Horses clip, when Raquel is singing a duet of Crying. So silly. We've just been listening to the song on a cd Mr R gave me this morn to celebrate twenty-five year since we met. How sweet! I had no idea that Roy Orbison was singing Crying with kd Lang in 1992. And so much fun to hear Achy Breaky Heart. Though I now can't stop singing c-wyee-ing to myself. And there was wool, well done Mr R, but that shall wait for another day. Mr  R is going to take P to swim training, so I am going to cosy under a blanket with Miss Ethel, knitting and some podcasts. Oh, and tissues. Yuck