Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Sweetie Pie hats

How could a hat given that name be anything but sweet....
 This is Purl Soho's Sweetie Pie hat, a lovely pattern which can be found for free here. If it wasn't for the fact that I read today that winter is over, I would urge everyone to knit one of these delights. I may still be tempted to knit myself another. I have wool waiting.  I knitted this first hat (for there are more) in the larger size, somehow reading that as more of the adult size rather than mansize. I do not feel that my head is super large, and yes the hat is a little roomy but not oh my so. The wool used is a mix... Yum is Rowan pure wool aran in banana. It is one of the least banana like yellows I have seen, more of a mustard. Though banana sounds more yum. I have been looking for a lovely mustard shade for a while, found this and was oh so pleased with myself, only to find that Rowan declare it banana. The grey is Rico design fashion nature DK in light grey, knitted in double thickness. I haven't used Rico wool much but they seem to be a lot lighter weight than other makes. Even knitted double thickness this grey was still thinner than the Rowan...

Obviously I added a pom pom.

And then knitted another. Can you tell I like the pattern
This time using Debbie Bliss cashmerino aran in denim blue and mulberry. I followed the smaller size this time and this one fitted to, probably more the fit the pattern intended as it was more well, fitted.  I saw this one looking snug on the birthday girl's head in Brighton last week and it did look delightful! 

Happy birthday George and Maisie Mae!

Friday, 14 February 2014

Happy birthday (of sorts) Miss Ethel

Though it isn't her birthday at all, rather a happy you have been with us for a year day! Celebrated with a new toy chosen by Patch and a play in a plastic bag
This is a treat indeed for a sweet kit who just loves plastic bags... usually they are whisked away as Miss Ethel loves to eat them as much as hide inside them, a habit that disagrees strongly with her insides...

On a gloomy day it has been oh so nice to be snug at home, munching a freshly made biscuit
A lovely day! And glad that it is still the weather for yet another winter woolly hat. This time the classic beret from Jenny Lord's Purls of Wisdom
The red rib is an unknown from the basket with a Rowan aran in charcoal for the main. I did enjoy knitting this, and just love the lines on top, though I slightly prefer the hat off than on. Hoping this is a result of me having an odd shaped head rather than the hat itself, as this is a present! Do hope you had a happy birthday, Sarah... and that you like your hat!
Quite nice actually to knit something that I don't immediately think oh I need one of those too, and add it to the must one day knit this pile...