Monday, 23 November 2015

A crochet collar

Oh my, this little collar has been worn so much. The crochet collar, designed by Leanne Garrity, came as a kit with issue 35 of Mollie Makes. The simple instructions were easy to follow, and this really is a what shall I do with a tiny amount of crochet time that gives me a finished make. I used the button provided, but changed the squeaky wool for a softer bamboo wool from the basket.

The instructions are available here, so you too can make yourself a sweet collar...

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

A halloween cat

P requested this Halloween cat while looking through a copy of Simply Crochet. I went on to forget this conversation, but P didn't, and when we later talked about Halloween P reminded me of this cat. So no Halloween costume this year - P was happy to wear his Harry Potter one again - as long as there was a cat.

The kit is Susan Yeates' Amigurumi cat from issue 36 of Simply Crochet. A lovely pattern as the body is made in one piece, so one less body part to sew on at the end. I used a part ball of Debbie Bliss cashmerino aran in charcoal, which seems a little decadent for a child's toy, but it has made a delightfully soft cat, and it was an already started ball from the basket. Halloween kit was made with a 4.5 mm hook, rather than the 3mm used in the pattern, which also uses a finer 4ply wool. The green button cat's eyes are from the button tin, so this was a make which was gathered together and made in an eve.

Hope you had some spooky fun!