Monday, 29 December 2014

A merry little Christmas

Hope yours was too!  We are still enjoying this christmas time... mornings spent in pyjamas, days spent building lego and playing, a muddy walk before coming back home to warm up and watch a film. Lovely.

There are a few makes to catch up with on here from before the festivities and also Christmas presents which have now all been unwrapped, but before christmas time is over I thought I would show some Christmassy bits.

Happy holidays!

Friday, 5 December 2014

Enjoying this first week of December...

It has been a nice gentle week, with a cosy feeling of preparing for the festivities. Gathering the bits for Patch's Christmas play costume, writing Christmas cards with the obligatory Christmas music... Mr R decided we should go to pretty Bury St Edmunds yesterday, so instead of finishing those Christmas cards we went and had a lovely day. A few presents bought and a festive coffee quietly reading a Christmas magazine. Most certainly feeling Christmassy.

There has also been the wrapping of twenty four Christmas stories
There are a few new additions this year as I felt P may not want to read Maisy's Christmas. Silly me... I still do, so why shouldn't P? So we have twenty four wrapped and a pile by the side of Maisy and Miffy. We have been having cosy cuddly times reading these after school, though the book to be unwrapped waits until bedtime.

A Christmas list has been thoughtfully written and amended over the past few weeks until it was time to write to Father Christmas 
Oh, and yes I made a Christmas pillowcase for P's bed... he was so excited to be going to bed on the first of December! Sweet. The quarter of a metre purchased wasn't quite enough for a pillowcase front so I dug around in the baskets and found the jolly spot. With some candy cane stripes for the back. I must get on and make the other Christmas pillowcase for when this one is in the wash... Ems, you will be so happy to hear - more Christmas gnomes! (Ems does not like gnomes). So just one more pic