Monday, 30 April 2012

a rosebud cardigan for Baby Jude

Though without the rosebuds...

The rosebud cardigan pattern is in Erika Knight's simple knits for cherished babies. And rather than scribble thoughts on scraps of paper to get lost, I'm going to write them here... wool used is Debbie Bliss cashmerino as that's what I had in my basket. Possibly slightly chunkier than the wool used in the pattern. Knitted on the same size needle though as the tension square was close-ish. And I carried on using the 2.75 mm needles for the final castoff edge rather than the 2.25mm stated in the pattern as I haven't got that size. Sorry Jude. Though I really hope you won't notice.

Such sweet buttons. Maybe can't see in my photos but they are teeny dishes with bands of rainbow stripes. Must buy some more from John Lewis. They also have a nautical version (red, blue and white stripes) though had sadly sold out in Cambridge. Let me know Newbury Wives if anyone is planning a pop to Reading!

I do love the dreamy fabric behind the cardigan. It's part of the growing collection of fabrics for Patch's quilt, it reminds him of Granny and Grandad's tortoises Bill and Ben.

Off to plant some ranunculus in pots for near the front door... and to make the most of this sunny day!

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Thursday, 26 April 2012

A patchwork ball for baby Jude

Still having so much fun with baby makes...

Only a few more ideas left! And then back to making things for Patch... and me. Oh my. Lots of ideas for summer clothes. Can't wait.

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Monday, 23 April 2012

Another ssh...

Another make for Baby Jude

Loved this bandana style bib when Patch was a baby, and found a few patterns looking through some of my sewing books. Sadly they couldn't satisfy my but-I-want-to-sew-them-now feeling as all patterns needed enlarging on a photocopier, but then remembered a tutorial on a sweet blog. Thank you Mrs Biddle! Found at for any of you who also have the need to sew these right now...

Oh, and fairly sure the Mummy of this baby doesn't read this (especially now she has a week old baby) but if you do happen to glance at this Sarah, please act surprised when these finally arrive in the post!

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Friday, 20 April 2012


A little ted knitted for baby Jude

The pattern was from a Debbie Bliss cashmerino booklet.

Needs a ssssh! as baby Jude hasn't yet received as still completing other baby makes. More photos soon!

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Tuesday, 17 April 2012

More Sandbox pants...

I like this pattern! Here are the second pair, and I feel there will be many more. Maybe some shorts?

Sweet soldier ribbon for the waist tie. I found some matching fabric which I was going to use to line the pockets and whilst Patch and I would know he had cool soldiers in his pockets no-one else would as it doesn't really show. Seemed a little extravagant, so I was good and used some stripey red, white and blue from my fabric pile.

Sadly not a wide choice of denim fabric to be found locally, hopefully not too elasticated-waistband-from-Marks-and-Sparks!

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Saturday, 14 April 2012

Belle and Boo needle case

Another oh-so-quick make that I've been meaning to do for an age

It was included in one of the lovely Mollie Makes magazines. Not sure why it has taken me so long... all it needed was a row of straight stitch. And replacement ribbon for the bow - the one in the kit was rather bright. Sweet.

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Monday, 9 April 2012

clothkits doorstop

Oh my, this kit has been sitting in its packaging since Christmas - thank you Lou! And has been propping open a door for over a week now, but that's the Easter holidays for you. Not sure I can really use the holidays as an excuse as we've been having such gentle days at home with some seeing family and a fun day with Newbury friends...

Sweet! And so lovely to make up. I do like clothkit patterns, though this is only the second I've made. The first was a sweet dress for Chess. I want to do more! Especially after seeing my friend Heather's lovely skirt. I still have the dress in the attic Mum made me when I was a toddler. A rather 70s brown print corduroy pinafore but still oh so gorgeous. The last time I looked on their website I sadly couldn't find anything I wanted to make for Patch... there are some fun (giraffe? lion?) animal trousers but sadly I think Patch is a bit old for them now. Not that that usually stops me.

Off to look at the clothkits website!

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Sunday, 1 April 2012

Car boot finds

Some bits for me and a HotWheels for Patch. Only poor Mr R came away with nothing for himself, though he did buy me the sweet cross stitch sampler

Just need to paint the frame...

And in case Dad reads this - well done Dad! No, not for doing the wallpaper ( though we are ready when you are!) We went to listen to Woodbridge Choral Society last night. Well I listened, Dad took a more active part. I was slightly distracted throughout as the lovely wool shop in Woodbridge had an advert right opposite the programme making me want my knitting. Is it the done thing to knit or crochet at such times? And am I the only person to not know about standing during Hallelujah?

Have a sunny Sunday!

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