Tuesday, 31 July 2012

More shorts...

With all that sun I really wanted to try this pattern for Patch... the Madras-Check Shorts from Fiona Bell's Vintage Style for Kids

I used yet more of the decades-old sarong fabric - not much left now - as I wasn't sure about sizes. I made size 5 which is a little big around the waist, a fine length, but just baggy everywhere. Instead of making a drawstring I used some blue twill ribbon thing and I think that was my only deviation from the pattern.

The shorts have a functioning fly which isn't needed for getting the shorts on and off as they are drawstring, so maybe a mock fly would be better? Patch has discovered the fully functioning zip and excitedly called me to come and see - he was dropping cars through the hole and laughing as they came out the legs. So maybe that fly does have a use after all...

This book appears to assume a fair level of sewing knowledge unlike the thorough instructions of an Oliver&S pattern. As the fit of the Sandbox pants is better for Patch I shall stick to my favourite... sorry Madras-Check Shorts.

We had been having such fun in the garden in the hot sunny weather. We bought a motor to fit onto Patch's Playmobil boats which whilst fun in the bath are so much more so in the paddling pool

especially with Chunk at the wheel.

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Friday, 27 July 2012

End of term thank you makes

Patch has had such a happy first year of school and so skipped in on his last day with some thank you presents

Sweet smelling lavender bags

And my favourite summery cowl so far.... Ooooo, all those mini pom poms.

Term finished a week ago today. Oh my, one week gone already. But a lovely week spent at a Sussex cottage with Granny and Grandpa filled with sunny days at Romney Hythe Dymchurch Railway, days at the beach, playing in the fountains at Bexhill-on-sea and meeting friends at Lewes Castle and Eastbourne

A proper English summer holiday. Oh yes, there was even crazy golf... Lovely photographs taken by Linda.

Such fun!

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Sunday, 15 July 2012

Sandbox school shorts...

Can you tell the curtains still need hemming? Here I am making Patch some school shorts, which I know aren't at all expensive to go out and buy but it feels nice that Patch is wearing something Mummy made to school.

The third time making the Oliver and S Sandbox pants, such a great pattern. This time I made size 5 in the hope that our little weed can still be wearing these in September. The fabric has a true school uniform feel - surely there must be a cotton version available somewhere? - found at the local fabric shop. I do wish the tie was grey but black tape was all that could be found last week. Mr Rs input was to suggest a blue for the pocket linings as they just peek out, a nice detail to match the school sweatshirts. Well of course Mr R. I found a good match in some oh so cheap royal blue lining fabric.

Buttons on the back pockets off a pair of Mr R's old trousers. Or maybe they are spares from a pair he still wears? Oh well, at least I know where they are...

Oh, and I made them into shorts rather than trousers

Now off to hem those curtains...

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Friday, 13 July 2012

Instead of hemming the curtains...

This is the sort of thing I get around to doing

Patch's jeans have been hiding in my please do something with me basket for two weeks. I'm wondering if they will still fit as Patch is growing like a weed. Oh well, at least they won't be dragging through all the puddles...

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Thursday, 5 July 2012

new stuffing...

Oh my those little white beads are troublesome. Especially when Patch excitedly wants to get involved in re-stuffing his beanbag. It was looking rather deflated after only a few years and only a small bottom but now looks a comfy place to sit again

This was, obviously, a distraction make. Now on with Patch's bedroom curtains... Or my crochet blanket?

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