Friday, 21 December 2012

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

And a good job it is too! Just home from the school's carols around the Christmas tree. Patch gave boxes of brownies to his teachers along with some cinnamon biscuits. Rather yum

I have been busy with makes but of the Christmas present sort so won't mention as don't want to spoil any surprises! These cowls are safe though...

More of the oh so simple Chunky Cowl from Jenny Lord's Purls of Wisdom, using Rowan big wool. Still feels like comedy knitting sitting with those large needles. The white one for my Mum and the teal as a happy birthday for lovely Jude.

And then this as a happy birthday for Lou... whose birthday was in August. Oops

Another favourite make, this time the purl bee's long pom pom cowl. I love the colours on this cowl so, my favourite so far. Maybe that can be my excuse for not gifting it earlier... you almost didn't get it at all Lou! The Swiss dot fabric is the dobby gauze periwinkle with rose pom pom trim, both from the eternal maker. Happy belated birthday, Lou!

Off to knit a little more of Patch's Christmas present. Oh my...
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Monday, 3 December 2012

Is it time yet, Mummy?

... Patch wondered at four in the morning on Saturday. And every half an hour after until I agreed to get up because at least then there was a six on the clock. And this was just to open the first door on the advent calendar. Oh Lordy, what will he be like on Christmas morn? I suppose it is rather exciting when you have a Lego advent calendar and this so sweet Olive the Other Reindeer one from your Goodmums

I thought it was time to maybe update some of the Christmas books used for Patch's advent book calendar, and have had a merry time finding them and wrapping all twenty-four. Still a mix of ones given to Patch, some charity finds, some from teaching, a few old ones of mine, and a couple of recent purchases.

Oh my, I am feeling festive! A bit of wrapping, making some presents, writing Christmas cards and a few carols already sung when we went to listen to Dad in the local choral society on Saturday. It will soon be time to make some festive pies...

And before all the festivities began I knitted a little top for Baby Alban

The pattern is the sleeveless top from Lois Daykin's baby knits. I love the look of this little top with buttons at the side and shoulder, and it was the only reason I bought the book to use for P when he was little. I had forgotten though about all those oh so many ends to sew in... each of the button bands is worked separately and then joined. Next time I hope to remember to change the pattern, and also knit it as one flat piece rather than the front and back pieces as the pattern states, which also have to be joined. And have ends to sew in.

Good job I like the finished little top!

I used Debbie Bliss cashmerino dk and some black buttons from Great Gran's tin, sewn on with orange thread which may be a little matchy but I like it!

Hope they keep you snug, Baby Alban...

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Monday, 26 November 2012

A little ribbon blanket for Polly

The last of my makes for Baby Polly

I used some red bamboo wool from the pile, ribbons from the tangle stuffed into a shoe box and a sweet Cath Kidston print on the back

So together with this bonnet and these shoes Polly's parcel was complete.

A few more baby makes to do... though maybe I should think about Christmas makes first!

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Thursday, 22 November 2012

Baby Polly's knitted blanket

Another dreamy knit from Hadley Fierlinger's Vintage Knits

This sweet pattern is the Heirloom Blanket and is such an easy, gentle knit. We had a few beautifully sunny and warm Sundays about a month ago, and this was taken along to the bouncy pillow where I happily sat and knitted in the sun while Patch merrily bounced. For hours.

I used smc select extra soft merino cotton, a brand I've not used or heard of before, but found in a local wool shop and I liked the colour. Oh, and I thought Polly's Mummy would like the colour too! And yes Jo, it is machine washable but at 40... no putting it in with a 60 wash!

It has knitted into a nicely soft and squishy blanket. And no need for a Sssh! as Polly has now received her parcel of makes, and I'm hoping is snuggled under this blanket right now.

I've had a fun morning at Patch's school, accompanying a small group as they used cameras to take photographs of everything they saw as beautiful or interesting. Squeals of delight. And another group were busy lighting fires with Forest School, whilst others were baking. What lucky children! And now I'm off across this field to collect P from school...

Photograph courtesy of the lovely Linda

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Monday, 19 November 2012

A patchwork ball for Polly

Oh I do so like the colours of these hexies all sewn together

Nicely squidgy for Baby Polly, with a tinkly bell inside. And Patch decided he no longer likes any choc, so I was left to eat a Kinder Egg... the plastic container is just what is needed for the bell to jangle around in.

I do like these quick makes! Dear Linda asked oh so nicely for a phone sock protector thingy so I set to with some wool from the pile and really not so much later had this

I used a slip rib stitch... I think the wool is Debbie Bliss Donegal Tweed used as a trim for Christmas scarves knitted last year for Dad and Frits.

And lastly, it must be safe to show some birthday ts

Happy Birthday Barney and Reggie!

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Monday, 12 November 2012

A lace-knit-neck-warmer-thingy

And as mentioned a few blog posts ago, it still refuses to block nicely. Blocking should really open up the lace pattern, and it is 100% wool so why ever not?

The pattern was torn from a knit magazine, but I'm afraid I don't remember which. The wool is Rowan creative focus worsted shade 0791 blue moor heather. Purchased last year for a Christmas scarf for Linda - which didn't require blocking so I had no inkling of its stubborn nature! I wasn't sure how much of the still large looking ball of wool was left but in an attempt to use wool from the pile found this pattern which only required the one ball. Of course I ran out of wool. And of course by then I had spent too long on the pattern to simply unravel. Luckily, almost a year later, John Lewis still had this shade in stock. And now I am left with yet another almost complete ball in the pile. But I do have a neck scarf.

I think the pattern would really benefit from some successful blocking... ideas?

It was gently repetitive to knit, just right for sitting snug in the car at Orford Quay with a Pump Street treat. So rather nice really.

I'm having a sweet snuggly Monday with Patch who is home with an upset tum. I don't feel guilty enjoying a gentle day with P as he is as happy as a lark, so we shall just enjoy our unexpected day of duvet and a Herbie film...
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Wednesday, 7 November 2012

A spooky Halloween

Feeling rather sorry for myself with a horrible cold... So happy Halloween. In November. Oops.

I think this sweet spooky fabric is just so dreamy but was a little unsure what to make. Maybe not trousers for a five year old Patch, though can you imagine how lovely on a baby or toddler? It would make a lovely skirt with a black gingham trim, but again, not for Patch. Sew a square on a t? Pockets for trousers? Or maybe a pillowcase

Patch loved that he got to sleep on a special Halloween pillowcase, and it does show the fabric beautifully. I was going to add a coloured trim of some sort but decided for comfort to leave it plain

Halloween fabric from Belle &Boo and backed with a black and white gingham from the local fabric shop.

One more Halloween make to show... Patch's Bat Cat costume!

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Monday, 29 October 2012

Another birthday t...

Happy birthday Henry!

And sorry for gloominess of photo, somehow it didn't look quite so bad on the camera.

I do have other makes done but am waiting for some sunny times to take photos. As seen here I do not take acceptable photos in the gloom. I have a shawl-scarf-neck-thingy-knit to photo but that no matter how severe I am appears not to want to block, it just shrinks back to its pre-blocked can't see the lace detail state. And it is wool. Thank goodness my dear friend surprised me with a beautiful crochet shawl-scarf so my neck is still cosy. Thank you so, Jude! And I am so close to finishing another sssh for Polly... hopefully will find some cosy time today when Patch is happily playing so I can knit but still be there to admire the Lego constructions. Though some dreamy Halloween fabric is still waiting to be made into something, so should really be getting that done today. Oh, and we are off to watch Madagascar this afternoon, so maybe not today. But... Halloween Bat Cat costume is done!

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Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Shhh... for baby Polly

The first shhh is done... the Sophie blouse from Nikki Van De Car's what to knit when you're expecting

A dream of a pattern. I wanted to knit a top to go with the teeny stripey bottoms (Gap sale) so was a little limited in the local wool shop to find a real red red in the right weight wool for the pattern. I also wanted something oh so soft but that wouldn't shed so went with Sublime baby cashmere merino silk dk. The pattern is knitted top down - just love those gathers - and once past the sleeve section is knitted in the round, so only two ends to sew in! Well, I had four as I used more than the one ball stated in the pattern as the substitute wool had less yardage.

So sweet, and a delight to make. Just don't tell Polly yet as there are more makes to be made before the parcel is sent...

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Tuesday, 9 October 2012

A summer bag... and a sweet parcel!

... in the Autumn. I wanted a bag for the summer holidays that could readily take all the bits that are somehow necessary for a day out, and that could be plonked on the floor or a sandy beach without me worrying that it is one of my favourite bags. And I remembered this pattern

I used Amy Butler's nappy bag pattern, which I have had since Patch was a baby. This was the first time I've made it. Ooops. The main fabric is a Cath Kidston floral cord leftover from covering our dining chairs in Sweet Pea Cottage, purchased from Bicester also before Patch was born. And the lining is some blue ticking from my pile.

The pattern includes instructions for a change mat and cover, a mobile phone pocket to be placed on the shoulder strap, and many handy interior pockets. As it has taken me so long to make this bag I no longer need a change mat, didn't fancy the phone pocket and only kept one of the interior pockets. As I was using fairly heavy weight fabrics I also didn't line the bag with canvas or interfacings as suggested. Oh, and I added a magnetic closure.

The picture shown on the pattern is for quite a large bag, and I suppose it must be to fit a rolled up change mat in, but somehow I hadn't realised just how wide it is.

Really rather wide. Though just what I needed... it does fit so many things in, and the wide strap means it is comfy. I do like it and have used it for most of the summer. I'm sure it would make a lovely nappy bag too!

A beautiful parcel arrived this morn from Beth at the linen cat. So happy to have won her beautiful giveaway! The photograph on Beth's blog is much better, but here are my sweet autumn lavender birds

Thank you so, Beth!

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Thursday, 4 October 2012

A sailboat skirt for Esme

I purchased this pattern in the hope that I may one day make a sailboat top for Patch. Sadly I think P is a little old for the sailboat pants. Hmmm... maybe not?


The sailboat skirt, though, I thought just right for a soon to be five Esme. I kept to the size in the pattern and was a little worried that the skirt was going to be too short. But I am assured it is a good fit. This pattern is a dream to follow. I used some denim as the main fabric and decided to use a red fabric with large white spots for the facings, with red thread for the button holes and edge stitching. Sweet buttons from John Lewis

Giant ric rac added because I had some and Mr R liked it!

I enjoyed this make so much that another was made for Patch's friend Sophie. For Sophie's I used the same denim but with a pale green and white shirting for the facings, white buttons from Great Gran's tin and without ric rac trim. Wrapped and given before I thought of photograph...

Happy birthday Esme and Sophie!

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Sunday, 30 September 2012

Pinafore dress for Isabel

For Isabel's second birthday I made this

The pinafore dress from Emma Hardy's making children's clothes. An oh-so-simple pattern with buttoned back. Sweet.

It does look rather wide though for a 2 year old, but maybe I've forgotten the dimensions of a toddler. It actually does look quite wide on the child modelling it in the book. Hopefully it won't swamp Isabel!

I made size 2-3 years with a floral cord from my pile(s)... I think it came from Ditto Fabrics in Brighton and we haven't lived there for seven years. I lined the pinafore in a blue gingham and buttons from Great Gran's button box. This pattern really is simple though I made a few alterations - I finished all seams even though they are in fact hidden, but I didn't want any fraying in the wash. I added some top stitching around the neck and arm holes and I tucked the lining behind the hem of the main fabric rather than hem them separately. Does that last bit make sense?

Do so hope it fits! Happy birthday, Isabel.

Shall we blame Betty for the slowness of makes at the moment?

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Wednesday, 19 September 2012

A Pom Pom scarf

Still catching up with makes completed over the past few weeks... though at least this one was made in September. Unlike the holiday bag I keep forgetting to photograph which was made in August.

Purl Bee's Pom Pom scarf

without pom poms. Of course.

Instead I used some lace trim found in drawer. Fabrics are a lovely Swiss dot and the blue floral is moda's blueberry, both from the eternal maker. Linda (Mr R's Mum) has a fondness for blue and white. This pattern is a traditional shawl style and is oh-so-lovely. Yet again I would most happily have kept this for myself. Another make to add to my oh I would so like one of those list. Happy Birthday Linda!

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Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Number seven for Bertie

This may look as it was made rather last minute due to photo taking in the dark, but such a quick make was done in plenty of time. I just forgot to take a photo...

I put the number on the back of the long sleeve t this time as it felt a little more grown up. Well, as grown up as that alien fabric can be. Wrapped up with a Bob the Man on the Moon book - oh my, Patch found this one difficult to let go with a smile! Hope you had a jolly birthday, Bertie.

And look who is coming to join us on Friday

We decided last week that we maybe could bear to start looking for another kit to adopt. Quietly looking and then we saw this face. Betty is so very teeny and so so sweet. I am missing Albert even more though...

Oh my poor curtains.

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Monday, 17 September 2012

Little baby sweater and bloomers for baby Cecilia

Hmmm... these were meant to be put together but really, bloomers in late September? I did start these in the summer when bloomers were maybe a more appropriate item of clothing. Do hope the mild weather lasts for a little while longer so Cecilia gets to wear them. Though I would dress baby in these with some tights underneath in chilly weather. The top is easily cosied up too with a long sleeve vest. But now for the next problem - the bloomers have made up rather small and the knit rather large...

I used a bloomers pattern from Lotta Jansdotter's Simple Sewing for Baby for babies newborn to six months. Let's hope! The only change to the pattern was to use a contrast fabric for the leg bindings - not that these will be seen but looks sweet.

Both gingham and floral are from my fabric pile. An oh-so-simple pattern.

As is Purl Bee's Little Baby Sweater

The tension sample knitted up as should but the finished make is a little wider than the pattern. Hmmm. Sweet though but hope it looks sweet still with a baby inside. The knit is for newborn to six months, but I think rather large. I used some red bamboo wool from my basket and white buttons from Great Gran's button tin. Hope you like your makes baby Cecilia.

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Monday, 10 September 2012

Sweet dreams, Linda!

So the last days of the summer holidays were oh so gentle. Days spent scooting, popping to one of the nearby beaches, bouncing on the giant pillow... and watching Cars 2. Many times.

A few makes were completed, including a please-could-you-make-one-of-these requests from Linda. Nurse Linda was needing something more substantial than the freebie airline eye mask (eye mask? Sleep mask? Do I know what they are called?) and so this was made

The request was made just as I was tidying up the scraps of fabric from making Patch's curtains which was rather fortunate as I held a suitably sized piece of blackout lining. No sunshine is shining through this mask. I added some wadding for comfort but was then worried that the rather plasticky blackout lining may cause unpleasant overheating of the eyes, so used some lovely snugly organic cotton on the outside. The navy and white gingham and navy dotty fabrics seem just right for Linda and were taken from the pile of fabrics waiting to be made into a Herb patchwork quilt for Patch. Which I need to start before I use up all the fabrics for other makes. Oh, please don't feel guilty Linda - there are plenty of both fabrics left for the quilt. And a Herb quilt because Patch has requested one just like the little boys in the story 'Beware of the storybook wolves'. Patch's friend Barney gave this book by Lauren Child as a birthday present last year and it is well loved. Patch also likes that he has stripey blue and white pyjamas just like Herb. Maybe I should get on with this quilt whilst those pyjamas still fit our little weed...

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Thursday, 23 August 2012

Sweet Albert

Our beautiful kit Albert died yesterday. We are missing him so

We miss his constant talking, the way he would follow us around til we settled to do something somewhere and then he would curl up as close as possible, preferably on a lap, but if not as close as could be with just a soft paw resting on us. The way he positioned himself outside Patch's bedroom in the eve, waiting for his friend to play again the next day. That soft, soft tum which he loved to have stroked. The now empty crochet blanket which Albert claimed as his own. The jingle of his bell as our car pulled in the drive and he came to greet us.

Sweet, sweet Albert.

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Tuesday, 21 August 2012

A holiday skirt

We are home from our holidays... camping in Dorset. We stayed at a dreamy campsite with oh so large pitches surrounded by wild flower meadows, provision for an open fire each night (perfect for toasting veggie marshmallows. What a treat! Thank you Linda and Ems!), teeny portly pigs who liked nothing more than having their tums tickled, a rope swing, and such clean toilets and showers. Oh and glow sticks each eve for the children and an ice cream van. I don't think campsites get much better.

Before we went I decided I must have a newly made holiday skirt. And a bag... shall try to take photographs of that sometime this week.

I found the pattern in a charity shop last month, with a few others so looking forward to trying. From 1974 just like me. Not at all the right size but easy enough to take in a few inches I thought...

This skirt is flared and cut on the bias and so takes a fair amount of fabric. I used some seersucker gingham purchased cheaply from a local fabric shop hoping that this would be a wearable muslin. I took in a bit from each panel and then attached the waistband. Not at all a difficult job but it looked so finished I didn't fancy unpicking to take off a few more inches from each panel, which it needs. Maybe next time treat it as a true muslin and don't finish it off! But still I like it. The tie is made from some fabric originally used for a toddler dress for Esme and I love it. John Lewis I think. The pattern suggests wearing the tie as a fetching headband...

And another of my favourite parts of this oh so simple pattern is the hemming lace. I know no-one else gets to see it, but I know it's there and it makes me happy. Actually I do show this part to everyone.

Will certainly make this skirt again. Now I just have to decide whether to go for a picnic and use the skirt as a blanket or put on my red Dorothy shoes...

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