Friday, 22 November 2013

And finally, this year's Halloween make...

Hmmm... not sure this can really be called a make. It most certainly can be called a success though as   Patch chooses to wear it all the time

Apart from the stripey t, I wanted to use bits I already had hence the pirate-y Batman. I straight stitched the edges rather than zig zag as I like the thought of a little fraying. I am trying to embrace Patch's newfound fondness of superheroes! 

And now on to Christmas making. I feel as if I should be listening to some festive crooners as I stitch and knit, curled up with a blanket and kit, to imbue some festive cheer into each make - but maybe too much for November?

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Halloween... part two

So, last year Patch requested a spooky party and with a gentle half term approaching I thought some apple bobbing and other Halloween type antics with a (small) group of five year olds would be fun! And it might have had just a little to do with these dreamy invites
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Patch requested a Bat Cat costume... Bat Cat the super cat, the super duper super hero cat - from Charlie and Lola. So sorry if you are now singing the song for the rest of the day. Hmmm what does the heroic Bat Cat wear?

Other than the obvious pants-over-trousers superhero must-have it would appear that Bat Cat wears some grey leggings and long sleeved top, knee high black socks and gloves, cat ears and a Mummy made mask, belt and cape. The mask and belt are based on patterns from, yet again, Emma Hardy's cute and easy costumes and for the cape I made a waistcoat-ish thing with an extended backpiece for the bat wings and a vampire-esque collar. Oh, and two elastic finger loops for optimal flapping. And yes, one loop is made from white elastic as I ran out of black but I'm trying not to notice that detail.

Is it a bird? No! Is it a plane? No! It's Bat Cat!

Sunday, 17 November 2013

A spooky Halloween... finally!

Is mid-November too late for Halloween photographs? I suppose I could wait til next year, but by then I am likely to have forgotten these photographs altogether... I realised I have the past three Halloween makes to show, I do promise to try oh so hard to show them all this week and then we can all get on with festive preparations.

So, the first from two years ago, when Patch had to go to school as a wizard

I turned to Emma Hardy's cute and easy costumes for kids, which can always be trusted, and found a wizard costume. And copied it. As you can see, no changes at all. Oh, I did! I added yet more shiny stars to the wizard's cloak, and cheated by purchasing the hat. So, part two of Halloween makes maybe tomorrow...

Friday, 8 November 2013

The thank you dishcloth

I don't think a washing-up cloth is too odd for a thank you present... in fact there are times when a dishcloth would be a most suitable present - a thank you for a weekend stay maybe, or would most still prefer a bunch of flowers? Well, I would love a dishcloth!

This one was knitted with love to say thank you for a rather lovely copy of Jane Brocket's The Gentle Art of Knitting, a book given to me by dear Linda and Ems. To say thank you, I wanted to knit a little something from the book and so used the simple, plain dishcloth pattern as inspiration. It was knitted in Rico creative cotton aran in nature, and a row of Rowan handknit cotton in ice water, from the basket of I-really-must-use-the-wool-I-already-have. Two rows didn't really make much impact on the overflowing basket...

Actually, my wools are no longer sitting looking pretty in a basket as Miss Ethel was constantly helping herself to some rather expensive toys. I could have a basket full of balls of acrylic though as Miss Ethel shows absolutely no interest - cashmerino only for this kit!

Do hope you are enjoying washing the dishes Linda and Ems!

Oooo, and Halloween makes hopefully sometime soon... before Christmas!

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