Monday, 20 May 2013

A patchwork ball for baby Jack

The last make for baby Jack's parcel

I also included this bonnet and these Debbie Bliss shoes.

And now I am busily knitting for another little baby and her big brother

I'll show him in all his stuffed glory soon!

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Saturday, 18 May 2013

Some bandana bibs...

Another make for baby Jack

And just as the ones made for baby Jude I used this pattern from the delightful Mrs. Biddle.

A sweet and happily satisfying make for those oh-I-do-so-want-to-sew-but-appear-to-only-have-a-few-minutes-before-time-to-collect-P-from-school. Thank you again Mrs. Biddle!

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Friday, 10 May 2013

Another ribbon blanket

I do need to think of another word rather than blanket... it's not really a blanket is it?

I think this must be the end of the wool used for Albert's blankets (which Ethel now sleeps on. Good girl). Much fun rummaging through the bulging ribbon box... I do like the tape measure ribbon Clothkits use to tie up their oh so exciting parcels.

Some Cath Kidston on the reverse

Do so hope you enjoy slobbering on it Baby Jack!

See notes about pattern here

Oh, here is Miss Ethel snoozing on her inherited blanket

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Thursday, 2 May 2013

A peasant dress for Chess

I knew just how I wanted to use the rest of this sweet fabric... I envisioned a peasant style dress with navy bias trim and a navy casing to gather somewhere just above the waist. Hmmmm, well ish

I started with the Lila Shirred Blouse pattern from Tanya Whelan's Sew What You Love as I needed a pattern to get the basic sizing. I cut out a size 5/6 and possibly length 7/8. I certainly meant to anyway. The pattern has a shirred neck and waist but I wanted to use elastic casing, which worked easily at the neck, but not so the sleeves. There just wasn't enough material where the sleeves meet the bodice to turn over fabric for the elastic casing without getting all messed up with seams. Does that make sense? Anyway I managed to nudge bits around to get a casing, the sleeves are gathered and they look sweet. Next time I'll make the sleeves a bit deeper.

I was so unsure about sizing that I did manage to persuade P to try it on. He was rather good natured about it. I thought he might love it and refuse to take the dress off, but it really does appear that P has a growing sense of what others see as acceptable for boys to wear. But thankfully he was happy to wear it for a moment or two for me to check fit. And I found I had made the sleeve elastic far too tight -quickly remedied - but worse than that I realised how rather short it was. Maybe the title of the blouse, not dress, should have alerted me. Hmmm. So sadly no elastic in a navy casing around the waist as I had imagined, as that would have made what I am now calling a tunic, even shorter. Chess is obsessed with wearing leggings, which is a good thing, as this peasant tunic will be just right. Maybe next time I'll remember and make it much, much longer. Or just do the shirring...

This time parcelled up with one of Patch's current favourites

Do hope you had a happy birthday Chess!

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