Saturday, 16 June 2012

Popover sundress

A sunny day dress for Patch's friend, who is having a birthday garden party this afternoon. So hoping it stays sunny!

Have just noticed those horrible looking holes on the door.

The popover sundress is a free pattern to download from Oliver & S and is lovely and simple. Laura - the birthday girl - likes pink so I found other bits from my fabric pile that went with the pink. The blue is a soft chambray type fabric with shop bought navy binding. I realised that I've used a patterned fabric for the main body on previous popovers with either a contrast or plain yoke, and maybe I prefer that. This is the largest size I've made yet though the size of the yoke stays the same, and there just seems to be a lot of blue. Mr R suggested a pocket... Also, I've made the binding before with the same fabric as the yoke, and the homemade is so much softer. But still, a sweet summer dress!

Happy birthday Laura...

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