Sunday, 15 July 2012

Sandbox school shorts...

Can you tell the curtains still need hemming? Here I am making Patch some school shorts, which I know aren't at all expensive to go out and buy but it feels nice that Patch is wearing something Mummy made to school.

The third time making the Oliver and S Sandbox pants, such a great pattern. This time I made size 5 in the hope that our little weed can still be wearing these in September. The fabric has a true school uniform feel - surely there must be a cotton version available somewhere? - found at the local fabric shop. I do wish the tie was grey but black tape was all that could be found last week. Mr Rs input was to suggest a blue for the pocket linings as they just peek out, a nice detail to match the school sweatshirts. Well of course Mr R. I found a good match in some oh so cheap royal blue lining fabric.

Buttons on the back pockets off a pair of Mr R's old trousers. Or maybe they are spares from a pair he still wears? Oh well, at least I know where they are...

Oh, and I made them into shorts rather than trousers

Now off to hem those curtains...

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