Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Number seven for Bertie

This may look as it was made rather last minute due to photo taking in the dark, but such a quick make was done in plenty of time. I just forgot to take a photo...

I put the number on the back of the long sleeve t this time as it felt a little more grown up. Well, as grown up as that alien fabric can be. Wrapped up with a Bob the Man on the Moon book - oh my, Patch found this one difficult to let go with a smile! Hope you had a jolly birthday, Bertie.

And look who is coming to join us on Friday

We decided last week that we maybe could bear to start looking for another kit to adopt. Quietly looking and then we saw this face. Betty is so very teeny and so so sweet. I am missing Albert even more though...

Oh my poor curtains.

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