Thursday, 4 October 2012

A sailboat skirt for Esme

I purchased this pattern in the hope that I may one day make a sailboat top for Patch. Sadly I think P is a little old for the sailboat pants. Hmmm... maybe not?


The sailboat skirt, though, I thought just right for a soon to be five Esme. I kept to the size in the pattern and was a little worried that the skirt was going to be too short. But I am assured it is a good fit. This pattern is a dream to follow. I used some denim as the main fabric and decided to use a red fabric with large white spots for the facings, with red thread for the button holes and edge stitching. Sweet buttons from John Lewis

Giant ric rac added because I had some and Mr R liked it!

I enjoyed this make so much that another was made for Patch's friend Sophie. For Sophie's I used the same denim but with a pale green and white shirting for the facings, white buttons from Great Gran's tin and without ric rac trim. Wrapped and given before I thought of photograph...

Happy birthday Esme and Sophie!

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  1. just found you via Linen Cat blog. will be popping back often.

  2. Love the skirt! The red buttons and rickrack are such fun additions. :)

    1. Thank you... and a dream to make. Do wish I'd got round to making the trousers a little sooner