Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Knitted Christmas hairbows

I do think I will have finished mentioning Christmas makes by February... I felt I ought to knit one of these first for me to try the pattern. I wore it much of the festive season. The pattern is mainly Debbie Bliss' hairband with bow from Knits to Give

I like the look of the wound-around-many-times wool for the centre band rather than the knitted band suggested by the pattern. And it was quicker, an important thing as I made oh so many. These are just the ones made one eve. Using ribbon as the headband was great as it could be adjusted to fit three year olds up to adults. Patch fancies mine as a bowtie... I may have to knit another.

P back to school today after the most fun long weekend in the snow. He really has spent most of the weekend in it. Or under a blanket on the sofa, snuggled with warming hot cocoa and Nanny McPhee. Dreamy. P and his Daddy have made a flowerpot hat snowman and thrown so many snowballs. I have joined them for some more genteel tobogganing. Such fun!

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