Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Ems' birthday socks

I promise I was assured that dear Ems did indeed dream of owning a pair of handknit socks...for some reason to give a pair of socks as a present to an uninitiated in the joys of handknit socks seems rather risky. Well, to give the first pair of socks ever knitted by me seemed risky, there are some dreamy handknit ones knitted by others. And this is why I felt rather nervous

a present that looked oh so similar to two old dishcloths.

And as wrong as it seemed to try on these socks before giving them as a present I felt it was an important thing to do, and so I slipped in my - clean - toes. And oh my. Now I see why people knit socks. Here they are looking far more sock like

I used Jenny Lord's Basic Boy Socks pattern, from Purls of Wisdom, and followed the suggestions to adapt to make into a daintier sock. I quite enjoy knitting on many needles (well, four) and liked following the sections of the pattern. The wool is Wendy roam in Derwent, a 4 ply great for socks it says. I'm not sure you could actually do anything like walking in these socks but they are rather nice for lounging in. And so I do see why people knit socks because I too want a snug pair for lounging, maybe the girly cloud-nine socks from Purls of Wisdom. Though this pair took me an age to finish... it somehow felt that I had knitted my first pair of socks when I had finished the first. And sometime during the second I did rather loose the will. Sadly I am no Anna Makarovna (War and Peace) able to knit two socks at once...

Happy birthday dear Ems!

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  1. Hand knitted socks are a great gift, I used to get them every birthday and christmas from my German in-laws, sadly not so much these days :( and the ones I own need darning. These are lovely though! Beth/thelinencat xx

    1. What lovely gifts from your in-laws! I've seen a lacy sock pattern I'd love to knit my feet... one day!

  2. What lovely gifts from your in-laws! I've seen a lacy sock pattern I'd love to knit my feet... one day!