Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Quick change trousers for Jude

Oh my Jude, one year already! I could - hmmm, do - spend rather a lot of time looking at dreamy fabrics in lovely online shops, planning numerous makes. And it was during one of these times that I came across a couple of fabrics that just had to be made into a pair of trousers, and I knew just the pattern - Anna Maria Horner's quick change trousers from Handmade Beginnings

A sweet, simple pattern that really does let you have oh so much fun with choosing fabrics as they are reversible...

I love how the cuffs fold over to reveal yet more cheeriness, and that back yoke! The front panels are in the main fabric... But I did make this pattern more complicated than needed. The idea is that the cuffs are simply the fabric turned over from the other side but if I had used the mini car fabric (the oh I must buy beginning of this make) it would have been upside down as it has a clear directional print. So that simply couldn't be used for the lining. And nor did I want the cuffs on the right side to be of the lining either, I wanted them to be the mini cars. So I made the cuffs from separate bands of fabric, sewn to the bottom of each leg. This does mean that the cuffs can't be turned down as the trousers get too short but I have made my peace with that...

The orange starburst type fabric was from the fabric pile, and I think is left over from a bathmat lovingly made for Linda one birthday. The yellow gingham was from the pile too, not sure which make initially purchased for, but surely all fabric piles are made up of a considerable amount of gingham. Anyway, I sort of planned that these probably would be the lining side but just in case Sarah is feeling particularly colourful one day... I oh so certainly would have dressed P in these!

Just look at that back view! And just in case you need a closer look at those cars...

The dreamy car print can be found at Ditto fabrics here and the grey crosshatch from the lovely m is for make here . Oh, have just seen that it is out of stock... I can see why, it is a lovely fabric to use. See that row of bright yellow topstitching in the photo above? Made me even more cheery!

Happy, happy first birthday, Jude!

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  1. Happy Birthday, they are very sweet, I am planning to make the pj trousers in Heather Ross's book weekend sewing, I have just made the smocked dress and was really pleased with it. It has spurred me on to do more sewing for children's clothes. Hope that he likes his new threads!

    1. Oooo, if you are going to sew more children's clothes then I really do recommend this pattern. Jude's Mummy sent me a photograph of Jude in them looking oh so sweet!