Friday, 20 September 2013

Sweet toys for Miss Mabel

A dear little kit to knit for! Miss Mabel has recently been adopted by some lovely friends and we all felt she needed a welcome to her new home gift

This is what happens when you search for kitty toys on Ravelry. The ball is the ideal crochet sphere , sorry but no idea what size sphere I followed! And the rabbit is the catnip bunny. So tempted to knit a full rainbow of rabbits... they look too sweet! The wool was the leftovers from the crocheted minion. Can't imagine that they will last long with those sharp little kit claws but I do hope Miss Mabel has some fun with her new toys. Just look at that tail!

And here's a photograph of Miss Ethel (as we have no Miss Mabel to show you!)... can't have a post about kitty toys without a sweet kit!

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