Friday, 22 November 2013

And finally, this year's Halloween make...

Hmmm... not sure this can really be called a make. It most certainly can be called a success though as   Patch chooses to wear it all the time

Apart from the stripey t, I wanted to use bits I already had hence the pirate-y Batman. I straight stitched the edges rather than zig zag as I like the thought of a little fraying. I am trying to embrace Patch's newfound fondness of superheroes! 

And now on to Christmas making. I feel as if I should be listening to some festive crooners as I stitch and knit, curled up with a blanket and kit, to imbue some festive cheer into each make - but maybe too much for November?


  1. I used to have a policy of not even thinking about festive things until 1 December, but us makers have to get ahead of the game, so I think you can definitely play some festive tunes whilst you're crafting!
    PS I love the bat cat costume from your last post!

    1. Ooo, knitting and Elvis singing festive tunes. Bliss. I now have to adapt the basic grey bits of Batcat into a donkey for the Christmas play...