Friday, 8 November 2013

The thank you dishcloth

I don't think a washing-up cloth is too odd for a thank you present... in fact there are times when a dishcloth would be a most suitable present - a thank you for a weekend stay maybe, or would most still prefer a bunch of flowers? Well, I would love a dishcloth!

This one was knitted with love to say thank you for a rather lovely copy of Jane Brocket's The Gentle Art of Knitting, a book given to me by dear Linda and Ems. To say thank you, I wanted to knit a little something from the book and so used the simple, plain dishcloth pattern as inspiration. It was knitted in Rico creative cotton aran in nature, and a row of Rowan handknit cotton in ice water, from the basket of I-really-must-use-the-wool-I-already-have. Two rows didn't really make much impact on the overflowing basket...

Actually, my wools are no longer sitting looking pretty in a basket as Miss Ethel was constantly helping herself to some rather expensive toys. I could have a basket full of balls of acrylic though as Miss Ethel shows absolutely no interest - cashmerino only for this kit!

Do hope you are enjoying washing the dishes Linda and Ems!

Oooo, and Halloween makes hopefully sometime soon... before Christmas!

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  1. I would also love your dishcloth as a gift... beautifully made!

    Beata xox

    1. Ooo, so glad it's not just me who would be overjoyed with a thank you dishcloth!

  2. Me too, I would love a hand knitted dishcloth as a gift! It is lovely :)

    1. Thank you... though dishcloth knitting now replaced with Christmas making!