Friday, 27 June 2014

Some quick quick change trousers again

Hope you aren't expecting to see some flamboyant ballroom-type trousers. Or have I just made that up? Quick quick slow... Surely some tea dance move. Actually that is what it reminds me of - going to a tea dance with my granny and sister. Not a flamboyant trouser in sight, more like a suit trouser with a knitted waistcoat.

However what I have to show is neither of these, but the quick change trousers from Anna Maria Horner's handmade beginnings. Doubly quick because again I limited the fabric choice (see quick quick pair here and oh so bright but not so quick pair here).
Such a sweet pattern. And then oh my
you see that bum. Love it. Fabrics all from the never ending pile, so no idea other than the denim is light and soft and the gingham an oh so cosy flannel. These were made for a winter birthday when lining trousers in flannel was entirely appropriate. This time made up in the largest 18-24 months for a by the time they got to him older than one year old Jack. I was worried that the 12-18 months wouldn't fit for long as it took me so long to get these in the post, so went for the larger size. I'm assured they are a good if slightly baggy fit, so again the pattern appears to be true to size.

And for no reason other than cuteness here is that bum again. 

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