Monday, 4 August 2014

More crochet... crochet cowls this time

Hmmm... it would seem that all my makes these past few months have been the crochet type. There has been some sewing but now I think about it, a sad absence of knitting. I would now like to spend the morning knitting, but we have a bounce on the bouncy pillow with a friend planned. Do I have time to search through my basket for a suitable project to start before we go? Chances are I shall just grab my current crochet already in a handy bag...

I wanted to make some summery crochet cowls for friend's birthdays and, really not like me at all, choose not to follow a pattern. Madness for me. Well, I sort of did follow a pattern - this pretty poncho by Nicki Trench - but joined in the round and worked until the balls of wool were finished.
I used dmc natura just cotton for both cowls, the first one in turquoise. I really did wind it around my neck to check sizing, but at the join of the foundation chain stage. And then I suppose all those clusters changed that size and interestingly I didn't think to check again until the cowl was done. It was then that I discovered that it didn't wrap around twice but sort of hung like a wide crochet necklace. I have decided that this is a rather trendy way to wear a cowl this season and that this was the way it was always meant to be.

Though for the second cowl I increased those foundation chains. And checked a few rounds in.
Happily this one did wrap. This one was crocheted in the colour amaranto. And aside from some length issues they are the summery cowls I imagined at the start!

Do hope you had happy birthdays Kate and Bea!


  1. Wow, I would LOVE a friend of mine to give such a great gift, they are both really rather lovely.

    1. I do so like reading your comments - thank you so!

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you so for your comment... I look forward to spending more time looking at your sweet makes soon!