Monday, 12 January 2015

I do love moss stitch... And a Happy New Year!

We really did have a lovely Christmas time, followed by the best sort of days as Linda and Ems came to stay, then attempting some sort of routine as school started once more. And now I have a cold. Bum.

But I am certainly up to sorting out some photographs taken of things made, and this is the oldest. Made back in October for my Mum's birthday and yes, it is moss stitch. I really do love this stitch...
This is the silky muffler from Ros Badger's Simple Knitting. I'm sure I used some delicious Malabrigo worsted that I had been saving for just the right thing, and that happened to be Mum's birthday. Did I mention how much I like moss stitch?


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    1. Ooo, moss stitch! I know it takes longer, but I actually like the gentle repetitiveness, and it certainly is worth it. Though knitting my sister a Christmas scarf in moss stitch of near Dr. Who proportions could explain why I am still catching up with things - such as replies on my blog!

  2. I can't knit very well but I do like he look of moss stitch!

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    1. Thank you... I've seen it being worn quite a lot so Mum obviously like it to. Though the combination of delicious wool and moss stitch - is there anything not to like!