Friday, 1 May 2015

A third birthday... must be time for another art smock

With a little boy's third birthday approaching and the realization that I hadn't made an art smock for a while, Jude's birthday make was rather obvious. Feeling confident that I of course would have suitable fabrics in the pile I dived in, but no. How does that happen? I have piles and wobbling piles of fabric so why is it that when I need something for a particular make I have nothing suitable? So of course I purchased more fabric... and the extra has been added to the piles.

Happily while searching I did manage to find fabric just the thing for some art smock sleeves, the brown gingham, and even more happily I had a reason to visit the delightful fabric rehab
 The last time using this pattern - from oliver + s little things to sew - I made use of an old shirt (see here) and somehow incorporating parts of an already made garment, such as hems and button placket, is trickier than starting with a new piece of fabric. And fabric rehab had a lovely choice
The only change I made to the pattern was to add buttons for the back closure rather than the suggested Velcro or press studs. Parcelled up with a Spot sticker book ready for lots of messy creativity! Happy birthday, Jude


  1. What a lovely gift, I hope it sees a lot of paint and an excellent excuse to fabric shop, my favourite pastime and in one of my favourite shops too x

    1. Ooo, are you a local to the delightful fabric rehab too? I do love a fabric shop though also love the satisfaction that comes from using fabric from the pile...