Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Summery skirts for Molly

Molly was rather fond of  her anchor skirt made for last year's birthday ( see here) so when she found herself in need of some more skirts for this summer, her and her Mummy sweetly asked if I would make some more. Of course! And we got to go fabric shopping so Molly could select her own fabrics.  All fabrics are from fabric rehab and I think Molly found it tricky to select fabrics for just three skirts
 Molly's selection is fun and cheery... and not at all what I or her Mummy would have chosen. The contrast material for each skirt was also chosen by Molly.

The skirts were made just as the one last year, though this time using a half meter as that girl has grown. So half a meter of fabric and the full width to make it nice and gathered. The elastic length is Molly's waist measurement plus an inch for sewing together. The contrast band measures three or four inches and is finished as before, following oliver + s' lazy days skirt (free!) pattern
A third skirt was made - in these oh so summery flamingoes! - but the silly goose that I am forgot to take a photograph before giving it to a very eager Molly.  Enjoy the summer in your happy skirts, Molly!


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    1. Rather strange, but a year after comments have been made I am finally able to see them. So even though a bit daft to be replying, thank you! I have my order from Molly for a few more this summer...