Friday, 11 September 2015

A summertime wedding

The wedding of the two dearest friends... it was a delight. The most giggly wedding the registrar had ever attended we were told, and most lillyworthy. (A new word discovered during the wedding celebrations, a marker to measure one's successes in the hope of achieving the ultimate of being lillyworthy. Obviously now used to grade absolutely everything).

And so I had just the perfect reason for some makes. Which seemed to mean making enough bunting to decorate a tent - as dear friends camping in our garden - but ended in me making enough bunting to decorate the entire garden. Somehow after completing the ten meters of bias binding purchased for this makes I decided it looked nowhere near enough so unearthed another many metres of white bias binding from a drawer and continued. There just wasn't enough space in the tent to hang it all. And I got bunting injuries too - horrible blisters from the pinking shears. Totally worth it though to see it looking so pretty
Fabrics were mainly gathered from scraps including recent makes, a dress my Mum made me when I was little, leftovers from making a lampshade,  and a few new bits from a rummage in the scrap baskets at Fabric Rehab
I also made the happy couple some new pillowcases for their celebratory camp
Seen here with packages of rocky road, just like a smart hotel. We made a fruit basket for the tent too. Though I think possibly P ate most of both of these things when he went in to join Linda and Ems early the next morning.

It really was a dreamy wedding - flip flops, bubbles, the sweetest chief photographer and ring bearer (P!), yum wedding breakfast in a favourite cafe, a swim in the sea, cream tea in another favourite cafe and home for burgers and chips with champagne. With so much laughter and so many smiles. A truly happy day. Congratulations dearest Linda and Ems

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  1. just catching up with your blog, sounds like you have had a lovely summer. xxx