Monday, 25 January 2016

A pile of crochet coasters

There may be some photographs of a rather festive mug included. Just warning in case my delayed catch-up of festive makes upsets your idea of seasonally appropriate makes. Again, I could have got away with it's winter so am embracing the hygge feel...if it wasn't for the Father Christmas mug. Oh well. I should also mention that this isn't the last of the festive catch-ups - more to come and there may even be a twinkling Christmas tree in the background. Sorry.

So today, a pile of crochet coasters
 I looked on Ravelry and then cobbled together my own pattern for these circular coasters to fit with the wool I wanted to use. I know I started off with a magic circle and proceeded to crochet rounds of single crochet with some increases but as to exact numbers I no longer have any idea. And that I used a smaller hook than that suggested for the wool to make nicely dense coasters. If you want to crochet your own pile of coasters I recommend finding a good Ravelry pattern! Maybe one day I will actually make some notes as I go along. But it was Christmas, presents to be made, panforte to munch with mugs of coffee...

And the wool - Cascade 220 in harvest, Atlantic and navy
Hope you are enjoying lots of steaming mugs on your wooly coasters, Linda and Ems!


  1. I had to do lots of Christmas Catch Up posts!
    Love the coasters too.

    1. I am enjoying this look back over some recent makes this morn with my coffee!

  2. Glad it wasn't just me writing posts with Christmas in after the event!! I love the coasters too :)

    1. Gosh, I still have some wooly makes to show. As they are a few shawls, hope they're not too seasonally inappropriate - I'm still making good use of a snug shawl in May. I quite fancy some crochet coasters, maybe in some summery colours... I shall add to the list!