Monday, 18 January 2016

A rather belated Happy 2016

Oh my. Such a long time. My camera died on Christmas Eve and as I couldn't imagine anyone wanting to read my waffle without some pretty photographs of makes, I have been rather quiet here. And no photographs of Christmas for us this year which I am sad about. Oh well, luckily a new camera has arrived though I am yet to understand it. And have no idea how to get the photographs from it to here, so until I have got it out of its box properly I shall show some makes from well before the festive season (Linda, I need you!) Which I have just realised I could have shown during the weeks of silence. Oh well.

I worry that it is already indecent to be showing festive makes but if we can ignore the images of tinsel and red glad gentlemen popping up here this week, and instead focus on the seasonal evergreen tree and other wintery things, that would be great. It really is quite cold and wintery here. Though no snow. Boo
 A festive skirt for P's friend Molly... Knowing Molly's liking of bright skirts I tried to chose festive fabric that she would like to wear while I would still be happy to say why yes, I did make that! So from Frumble I selected some Michael Miller fabric called Trim the Trees Evergreen and a gorgeous dotty fabric - Springs Creative's Christmas Basic Dot
More Christmas makes in the next few days...


  1. What a lovely skirt, I bet Molly was thrilled with it, I would have been as a little girl.

    I hope you have worked out the camera, and sorry you didn't get any Christmas photos. I took all of mine on my phone, so they are quite bad quality, but I think it'll be the last year both the boys 'believe' as F starts secondary school next year, so I was desperate to have some, especially of their faces when they realised Santa had been.

    Here's to a great 20016, I hope it's a good one!!


    1. How lovely that the magic of Christmas continues for your boys! P had an unfortunate conversation with some others at school last year, though he still loves Christmas time so the magic is still there. Thank you for your new year wishes, hope it is being kind to you all...