Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Mother's Day presents

I'm finding that writing about an event that occurred this very month is making me feel rather organised and happy. So I may still have to take photographs of P's Christmas pyjamas, which are probably already far too seasonally inappropriate to mention, and there may be piles of stuff to sort balanced around our home but still I'm happy. And the sun is shining and I've just eaten a delicious rhubarb filled Pump Street Bakery doughnut. That may well have something to do with it...

Mother's Day presents this year were a spring plant and a wooly make for both lovely Mums. For my Mum a shawl
 Which was rather tricky to photograph. Because it is a pretty shawl, not as rag-like as it looks here. Beautiful oh so soft wool - the delightfully named scrumptious lace by Fyberspates in Rose Pink. The mix of silk and merino means that this is dreamy to touch but I didn't  love knitting it though - maybe I'm not yet a fan of knitting with lace weight wool.
The pattern is the waif shawlette, a design by Izzywoo which includes two sizes - a scarf and shawlette. This is the larger of the two. And still there is lots of wool left. Hmmm, maybe I have to embrace the lace weight as it would be a shame to let this peach of a wool sit squished in the basket
For the other Mrs Robinson I made a string bag which she loved. In navy because that is the colour of choice, always.
I started following JustBeCrafty's pattern (found here on Ravelry) and am left slightly unsure whether it is written in UK  or American terms. I followed it as a UK pattern and it looks suitably like a string bag
I used three and a bit balls of Rico creative cotton aran which happily leaves me with some leftover to make another string bag for me. I have little need for another and yet am itching to make one using the rest of the dark blue combined with a gorgeous rhubarb colour
Yet again, using up wool from the basket involves purchasing more wool...


  1. Both are lovely but I really love the shawl, such a pretty colour. xxx

    1. Oh, that shawl! I do think I would have enjoyed making it more if I had used some sharper pointed needles. Maybe! I have just started a crochet shawl for me with the leftovers and I am enjoying that far more