Wednesday, 21 September 2016

A deckchair for a sunny day

Hmm, not so sure I shall be lounging in a deckchair this week. But before it becomes too autumnal for summery makes, I thought I would show my new old deckchair. Luckily for me my Mum had painted this deckchair and had all intentions of furnishing it with a new sling before realising that she wouldn't make much use of it. And so it was offered to me. And I of course quickly said yes, remembering a gorgeously floral new old deckchair Yvonne of dreamy Yvestown had made an age ago. And so here is my floral delight
This is definitely Mummy's chair. I think maybe Daddy worries that it is rather dainty for him (polite way of worrying about my skills with the staple gun) and Patch will happily sit in it but tends to favour either an old small-ish garden chair (what are the folded garden chairs called? I wanted to call it a deckchair, but surely that can't be right... The sort that as a child I remember having to force apart whilst keeping a good watch out for fingers as they suddenly sprang apart. Patch's however pulls apart quite calmly, with no risk to fingers) or one of the sturdy garden chairs with a marshmallow of a cushion. So this tends to be all mine.

I do think Mr R would be safe as the sling part has three layers - the floral with a jolly blue dotty reverse and then some blackout lining - which I handily had and chose for sturdiness - sandwiched in between.  I made the sling longer than needed, and then wrapped and stapled it to wood.  Actually all fabrics were from the pile, so even more satisfying. And you can just see the crochet I am busy with. I have been busy with it for a few years now! Last spring I really did hope to complete it during Sandra of Cherry heart's weekend-along but no. I am so enjoying making it, so really there is no rush, but there are so many other blankets to be started! I shall be good. This week I have finished the hexagons and now need to work out how to add bits to make the edges even. I think I like the idea of straight edges and then a border, but maybe the zig zag look will appeal when I investigate...

This is the sort of activity going on in our household this week
I have hurt my back so it's been a gentle week not doing much. Miss Ethel's favourite kind of week. And along with kit cuddles I have enjoyed lots of reading. This was one of my aims for the year, and with just over three months of the year to go I have a lot left!

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  1. Great refurbishment looks very pretty. Hope your back is better soon xxx

    1. It's nice to look at these summery photographs on a grey winter's day. The deckchairs proved strong enough, and survived a summer of me - and War and Peace - sitting in it!