Wednesday, 2 November 2016

The search for the perfect summery cotton pattern continued...

This is so very nearly that tee. Lovely pattern, a far more stylish version of the cotton 80's knitted tee I spent many hours this spring looking for... but there is a but!

The but though has nothing to do with the pattern - the amazingly free cap sleeve lattice top by purl soho - rather my choice of yarn. I wasn't yet ready to forget the idea of the 80's cotton tee and so stubbornly ordered more cotton and cast on once more, convinced that this time I would end up with the breezy top of my dreams rather than something resembling chain mail. (My first attempt has since been washed and has shrunk a little so has been saved from immediate unravelling, though we shall see what its long term fate holds when I wear it again next summer).

And this top does fit better than that first attempt... just not as well as it would have done if I had used the suggested wool yarn. Cotton has made it much wider than the original pattern but it is a wideness I think I can forgive as this cotton drapes well, so while it looks fairly boxy in these photographs, it does look much better on. (Something I am unable to show you as there is nobody about to take photographs of me wearing my summery tee on this chilly November day, but unless I get on and waffle about this today it will be another month before I pay any attention to this sadly neglected blog)
This 100%  organic cotton is  BC Garn's Alba, and is lovely to knit with. Ordered from the always speedy love knitting, in colours grey (EB 14) and cream (EB 16)
I do want to knit another of these tops, this time heeding the advice of those talented people at purl soho and knitting in a wool, but I think that will have to wait for next spring. Oh, and anyone have any recommendations for a cotton tea-bag type t?

On to some seasonally appropriate knitting... the beginnings of a make accompanying me to the swimming pool a few weeks ago now. A cosy, speedy knit that took just a few of P's training sessions to complete. More photographs soon...

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