Friday, 27 April 2018

Clara's cape... The last of knitvent2017

Oh it is cold and grey today. The morning has gone in a whirl of general tidying and sorting, and I think the few hours left before getting Patch from school may be spent curling up with a podcast and woolly make... sounds delightful. Also this chilliness makes me feel that I'm not too late in showing some rather woolly makes. Though no doubt I will still be catching up with past wintry makes even when the sun does decide to return.

The last of the knitvent2017 patterns was a gorgeously simple, quick knit chunky cape
 So lovely. I knit the larger of the two sizes so that I can wear it over layers, and it also fits over my coat. The yarn (unsurprisingly) is Drops Andes in light grey, and it really is so soft and snuggly. I do wish I had thought about the yarn overs in the pattern - you can see that they only really appear to the right of the stocking stitch sections - and of course I should have altered the way I was doing them when going onto purl stitches. It did, and does, bother me slightly. Though not enough to redo the cape.

This was my first time knitting through one of Helen's knitvents, and I will be tempted again as the patterns have all had so much wear this wintertime. I like this photograph of my knitvent pile looking oh so cosy

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