Monday, 26 March 2012

Crochet flower brooch

A little kit included with the latest Mollie Makes. It suggests using the crochet flower as a shoe decoration (sweet idea but only enough wool for one flower and I didn't have any clippy things to attach with and I wanted to finish the make NOW!), sewing to a piece of ribbon as a bracelet (another sweet idea though not sure I would wear often) or the rather obvious brooch idea. Seeing as they kindly provided a brooch pin, my decision was made. Feeling rather springlike wearing my cheery flower today.

Craig has gone off on a sunny bike ride to Orford. But I've just realised he's made an awful mistake - it's Monday which means the Pump Street Bakery is closed! I can imagine his little legs (?) pedalling oh so quick as he thinks of the coffee and pastry waiting for him. Poor him.

I'm off to peg out the washing...

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