Friday, 23 March 2012

Daddy's old shirt

An old red gingham shirt of Craig's was quickly rescued from the charity shop pile... those pearly snap buttons were just far too cool! I decided to salvage bits from the shirt to make Patch a cowboy shirt, mixed with some cowboy print.

Nicely ironed for the photograph.

This is a bit of a cheat make as I finished it almost a year ago, but found the photo of it today. Do so hope it fits Patch for a few more months. I mainly used Heather Ross' Kai's shirt pattern from Weekend Sewing. Because I wanted to use the original snap closures I had to change the pattern slightly for the button facings and collar - it would have been easier to have kept to the original pattern, but those pearly snaps! The back piece is made of the cowboy fabric. Yee-ha...

There is good reason for this lazy make today... I'll show you this week's big make tomorrow!

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