Friday, 4 May 2012

A baby snuggler

So sweet... though I think will look a lot better with a baby Jude all cosy inside.

These gloomy days mean gloomy photos, sorry. The pattern is from Lotta Jansdotter's simple sewing for baby. And it was just that. Simple. I only slightly changed the pattern by topstitching around the wrap edges and along the top at the back. So added to, rather than changed. This snuggler is lined with one of Patch's cotbed sheets and is so soft. And that is all for Baby Jude.

So, what next?

Popped to the local plant sale this morn and came home with yet another bleeding heart. I just can't walk past them. And some Granny white pelargoniums, which will hopefully be less Granny-like when planted in my collection of old terracotta pots and my pale blue watering can which sadly developed a leak last year...

On the way home then popped to Halfords to look at a possible new bike for me. Oh, it is so difficult! I like my old bike, mainly because it is a Pashley and I know we'll never afford a new one. But it is oh-so-heavy, with only three gears and an increasing amount of rust. The one in Halfords is a sit-up-and-beg style, cornflower blue with cream trim and seven gears. What to do with them all? And oh, what to do? Go look on the Halford's website and let me know your thoughts!

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