Tuesday, 15 May 2012

the robot duvet cover

I was rather excited when I spied this robot duvet cover on the clearance shelf in that little boutique we all know! This was now a fair few months ago, just as Patch was moving to his single bed. I then tried to find a second duvet cover that Patch (I!) liked, but they seemed so very expensive. So I made one from some oh-so-soft red gingham, and that went on the bed. It wasn't until a washday, still a few months ago, that I realised when changing Patch's bedding that the robots just didn't fit. I still don't know whether because of peculiar duvet - though it was sold simply as a single - or was this the reason the robots were in the boutique in the first place?

Robots then sat in my work basket for more months. I promise I did wash Patch's only duvet cover in these months, but it was a little tiresome having to dry to put straight back on the bed. I don't know why I didn't sort out those robots before, it really was a simple sewing of two strips of yet more red gingham to each side to make fit. Patch loves his robots...

And a peek at Patch's newly decorated bedroom. Thank you Grandpa! Robots, vintage cars, cowboys... they all get mixed together. Just need to finish a few things (curtain pole, curtains and storage) then shall share some more of this sweet room!

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  1. Hi Claire-loving all your beautiful makes for little Jude, and the blanket on Patch's bed looks so wonderfully vintage.....I will reply to your email soon so sorry for the time it has taken in doing so!:) x x