Tuesday, 21 August 2012

A holiday skirt

We are home from our holidays... camping in Dorset. We stayed at a dreamy campsite with oh so large pitches surrounded by wild flower meadows, provision for an open fire each night (perfect for toasting veggie marshmallows. What a treat! Thank you Linda and Ems!), teeny portly pigs who liked nothing more than having their tums tickled, a rope swing, and such clean toilets and showers. Oh and glow sticks each eve for the children and an ice cream van. I don't think campsites get much better.

Before we went I decided I must have a newly made holiday skirt. And a bag... shall try to take photographs of that sometime this week.

I found the pattern in a charity shop last month, with a few others so looking forward to trying. From 1974 just like me. Not at all the right size but easy enough to take in a few inches I thought...

This skirt is flared and cut on the bias and so takes a fair amount of fabric. I used some seersucker gingham purchased cheaply from a local fabric shop hoping that this would be a wearable muslin. I took in a bit from each panel and then attached the waistband. Not at all a difficult job but it looked so finished I didn't fancy unpicking to take off a few more inches from each panel, which it needs. Maybe next time treat it as a true muslin and don't finish it off! But still I like it. The tie is made from some fabric originally used for a toddler dress for Esme and I love it. John Lewis I think. The pattern suggests wearing the tie as a fetching headband...

And another of my favourite parts of this oh so simple pattern is the hemming lace. I know no-one else gets to see it, but I know it's there and it makes me happy. Actually I do show this part to everyone.

Will certainly make this skirt again. Now I just have to decide whether to go for a picnic and use the skirt as a blanket or put on my red Dorothy shoes...

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