Friday, 3 August 2012

Peter Pan pyjamas for Patch

Well, pyjama bottoms

Pattern used was the Oliver&S Sandbox Pants size 5 in some summery seersucker from a local fabric shop. Such a quick quick make - I left off the pockets though I did add a fake fly which you can't see. But I know it's there.

Actually this was the second pair of summery pyjamas made. Here are the first looking rather similar

I attempted another pattern from Fiona Bell's Vintage Style for Kids. The Classic Boy's Pyjamas looked so sweet, and they are, but again I just found the pattern a little puzzling to follow. I decided to use some white cotton tape to replace the drawstring and made a size 5 as the last make from this book for Patch turned out rather large. I've realised that the Sandbox Pants fit P well as they have a drawstring and elastic waist whereas this pattern has just the drawstring and so has great bunches off fabric around the waist in order to not fall down. And they are rather short. One of the disadvantages of sewing at night when the wearer is fast asleep. But happily they shall make a sweet present for one of Patch's younger friends. Pretend you didn't read that Jo/Kate...

I might try the pyjama top from Vintage Style for Kids though P will be wearing his with a soft white t. They are the perfect pyjamas for listening to Peter Pan whilst tucked in bed with a glass of milk and a biscuit. I love them.

And yes, these photographs are taken on my new camera. And yes, they are as clear as any of the ones taken before. I think I need to better my photograph taking skills. Please help Linda! Not sure I would have taken this one with my old camera

Thank you for the sweet peas Mum!

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