Monday, 29 October 2012

Another birthday t...

Happy birthday Henry!

And sorry for gloominess of photo, somehow it didn't look quite so bad on the camera.

I do have other makes done but am waiting for some sunny times to take photos. As seen here I do not take acceptable photos in the gloom. I have a shawl-scarf-neck-thingy-knit to photo but that no matter how severe I am appears not to want to block, it just shrinks back to its pre-blocked can't see the lace detail state. And it is wool. Thank goodness my dear friend surprised me with a beautiful crochet shawl-scarf so my neck is still cosy. Thank you so, Jude! And I am so close to finishing another sssh for Polly... hopefully will find some cosy time today when Patch is happily playing so I can knit but still be there to admire the Lego constructions. Though some dreamy Halloween fabric is still waiting to be made into something, so should really be getting that done today. Oh, and we are off to watch Madagascar this afternoon, so maybe not today. But... Halloween Bat Cat costume is done!

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  1. Happy birthday, I was crocheting today whilst admiring a Lego train station in It's creation! sarah x