Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Birthday knitted wristwarmers

Hmmm, any dear friend who has had a birthday so far this year has had a pair of these knitted for them... maybe I should stop if spring is truly here. It has been a dreamy sunny day today but I would happily have still worn some of these going to school this morn, so maybe time for a few more pairs yet.

This is the wristwarmers with contrast rib pattern (with no contrast!) from Anna Wilkinson's Learn to Knit Love to Knit. I really do like the contrast rib shown in the book, particularly the contrast cast on row, but went for the solid look for these presents. I also made the wristwarmers a few rows longer than stated for extra snugness.

The red are knitted in one ball of Debbie Bliss cashmerino dk, and the green in one ball of Rowan pure wool dk in parsley.

I was looking for a mustard like yellow to knit the latest pair, and on a dreary day in the local woolshop this colour did look a little mustard like. In reality it is more of a gold colour though looks orange in the photo. Oh dear, another dreary day. This time I used Sublime cashmere merino silk dk, and needed two balls with most of the second ball now in the please-remember-to-use-me wool basket. Which really must be moved as we have discovered Miss Ethel likes a ball of cashmerino as much as I do. Oh and google informs me that the colour of this wool is actually marmalade. I still say it is more yellow...

And Miss Ethel! We have adopted a kit... again.

A sweet kit who likes nothing more than snoozing. Which could be why she is rather tubs. Diet and exercise regime have started. Actually, there is something Ethel likes as much as a snooze... my wool basket. As Mr R discovered one day when he found her blissfully tangled up in an entire ball of cashmerino. No acrylic blends for Ethel.

Off to make rhubarb custard biscuits!

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  1. Well those wristwarmers are lovely, I'd be happy of a friend knitted a pair for me! (not sure any of my friends knit, sadly). Rhubarb and custard biscuits sound delicious. Bethx (thelinencat)

    1. Hello Beth... the rhubarb custard part of the biscuits was a triumph. Sadly not the biscuit! I used a melting moments recipe, I think next time I"ll stick with a trusted basic biscuit. Of course, they have all gone so no great disaster...